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Water Treatment
At Alpha Advantage, we believe that pure, healthy, great tasting water should be available in every home. Unfortunately, both city water and well water contain a host of contaminants resulting in calcium build-up in home appliances, bad tasting water, unpleasant odor, dry skin, and even poor health. Some of the common contaminants are:
City Water

Calcium - hard water, dry skin, soaps don't lather
Chlorine - bad taste and odor, can cause dry skin problems
Salt - unhealthy high levels
(VOC's) Volatile Organic Compounds - Carcinogens
Lead - low grade lead poisoning
Arsenic - poison
Well Water

- rust colored stains
Calcium - hard water, dry skin, soaps don't lather
Tannins - color stains
Sediment - undissolved solids
Hydrogen Sulfide - unpleasant odor
PH - acidic water
Salt - high levels possible


Bottled water

Bottled water is a common alternative, but it is quite expensive in the long run.   The bottles and dispenser are unsightly and take up space around your home.   You spend time and effort moving bottles around and then you have another monthly bill to worry about.   There's a better way!

Alpha Water Custom Designed Point-of-Entry System

In a point-of-entry system, your water is filtered at the main pipe, before it even enters your house.   Water flows through a tank containing specially designed filters that clean and refine the water before it flows throughout your home. That way, every water outlet delivers pure, clean, and odor-free water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and laundry.

Just the decalcification benefit of this system alone is tremendous. Calcium buildups from city and well water drastically shorten the useful life of hot water heaters, dishwashers, icemakers, coffee makers, and other appliances in your home.   Think of the money this will save on costly appliance repairs and replacement.

Alpha Water Custom Designed Point-of-Use System

The point-of-use system produces highly refined water using reverse osmosis (RO) which forces water through a micro-thin membrane. This system can be installed in the cabinet beneath your sinks in bathrooms and the kitchen.   In addition to removing the above mentioned substances, RO systems have the ability to remove total disolved solids (TDS) from your drinking water.   Average city water analysis shows TDS in the range of 450 parts per million.   This water, after being processed through an RO system, will be in the range of only 15 parts per million TDS, a very refined product with quality nearing that of distilled water.

Compared to bottled water, the cost of these systems can payoff in about a year.   When you then factor in the convenience, is there really any other sensible choice? The milkman is obsolete for a reason. Why should someone be bringing bottled water to your house when you can have instant, great-tasting, healthy, and always available water on tap.

A Word On Quality:

Please don't compare our pump and filter equipment with the light residential products found at places like Home Depot.   Alpha Water installs only commercial grade pumps and filters. We are an independent dealer, therefore we get to choose only the best products in the industry. Our pumps and filters carry warranties of up to five years.



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